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How Humanity has Influenced Ellen King’s Art

Art as a means of expression holds immense value, not just to the individual that makes it but to society as a whole. It has the ability to shape minds and inspire and influence cultures, politics, and even the economy.   Read More

Posted by Admin on December 28, 2022

The Brilliant Artistic Expression of Ellen King

When it comes to making the most beautiful art, there are no artists that can compare to the caliber of nature. With each painted sky, the hues of the rainbow, the vibrant colors of flowers, and the changing season, nature never ceases to amaze.   Read More

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Suggestions for Beginners to Master Figurative Oil Paintings

From the ancient age, oil paintings were stated to be the symbol of class and art. They are often deemed to be intimidating and even difficult to apprehend due to the many complexities of mixing colors. For the art students and professionals beginning figurative oil painting, here are a few helpful tips.   Read More

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Styling Inspiring Garden Oil Paintings at Home

Do you live in an apartment with a blank wall? Would you like to cover that wall with decor-coordinating art? But how can you ensure that that unique, inspiring garden oil painting or print ultimately feels like it belongs in your house? Although arranging art can be stressful, the artwork is a great way to add interest to a space.   Read More

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Reasons to Buy Pastel Paintings and Treasure Them for Life

Pastel paintings are gorgeous because they are lovely to look at and light on the mind. If you are a painting lover but have yet to buy and invest in pastel paintings, then you are missing out on a marvel in the painting field. Pastel painting is a style of painting in which a stick is used to take pigment and mix it with a binder.   Read More

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Keeping Art Clean And Protected: A Quick Guide To Taking Care Of Original Oil Paintings

For some, a piece of art is merely an investment; but for others, it’s a matter of pride. Irrespective of the reason for your purchase, taking proper care of your artwork is paramount. Whether you are interested in adding an intriguing abstract—perhaps a Labyrinth oil painting or a mesmerizing portrait—maybe Grandfather’s pride oil painted photograph, preserving its beauty for years is possible with proper care and protection.   Read More

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Best Mediums for Paintings That Beginners can Try

People have been painting and documenting the world as they perceive it for ages. Paintings are an excellent medium to convey human emotions and capture what you see in front of your eyes. In terms of themes and techniques, paintings are adaptable.   Read More

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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Caring For Oil Paintings

We all know that art is an excellent way to decorate our homes. But there is something special about oil paintings. The best piece can build curiosity in the viewers' minds and inspire them. Their rich colors and diverse textures can infuse light into any dull-looking space, and their beauty can exhilarate any art lover to the core.   Read More

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Buying Art as a Gift: 4 Things You Should Do

When you have a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or housewarming party coming up, one of the most stressful things you can do is try to find the right gift. Between people who are picky about their gifts to those who have seemingly everything, it can often be an overwhelming endeavor to find a gift that they will love.   Read More

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Here's What You Should Do When Installing Art In Your Home

A beautiful work of art is an excellent way to decorate your space, fill the atmosphere with positive energy, and inspire the viewers. When hanging art in your home, there are a few things you can do. Keep these in mind.   Read More

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Why and How You Should Frame Your Artwork

When you buy a work of art, it is normal for you to want it to last for a lifetime and look just as good a few decades down the line as it did on the day you brought it home. How do you do that? By getting the piece framed! Frames play an essential role in not just protecting your art but also in its presentation.   Read More

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4 Reasons to Choose Paintings for Home Decor

If you have been in and out of art galleries and museums lately, or scrolling through images of home design, or looking up interior designers, all the while considering and reconsidering whether to invest in artwork for your new home, you have landed at the right place!   Read More