5 Things To Keep In Mind When Caring For Oil Paintings

Posted by Admin on December 28, 2022

We all know that art is an excellent way to decorate our homes. But there is something special about oil paintings. The best piece can build curiosity in the viewers' minds and inspire them. Their rich colors and diverse textures can infuse light into any dull-looking space, and their beauty can exhilarate any art lover to the core. Oil paintings are also long-lasting since they are created on canvas. If you want to install the best oil painting in your space, look for oil-painted photography for sale.

While oil paintings can do wonders in your life and space, learning a few ways to care for your pieces is crucial to ensure you get the most out of them. The following are some tips to help you get started:

Keep your oil painting under a glass frame.

Oil painting is often created on canvas, and you can install it as it is. But if you want to protect your piece, consider keeping it under a glass frame. This way, you can prevent dust particles from accumulating on the creation, making it challenging to clean and affecting its look; moisture from getting into the piece and ruining it; and more.

Dust your piece daily.

Dusting your oil painting from time to time will prevent dust from sticking too hard to it, which can affect the look and quality of the piece. Consider taking a soft, dry cloth and cleaning off tiny particles, dust, and other unwanted elements from the artwork. If you keep the painting under the glass frame, clean the frame daily and see that there is no dust on the canvas or the corners of the frame. It is also advisable to use a glass frame that is easy to install and remove so you can take them off and install it again before and after the cleaning process.

Avoid chemicals when cleaning your oil painting.

Chemical cleaners, especially liquid ones, can ruin any artwork immediately. Ensure you avoid them when cleaning and maintaining your oil painting. If you find it challenging to do it yourself, take your piece to a professional. Professional art cleaners may have the right skill and supplies to help clean and maintain your oil painting perfectly, ensuring the artwork is well-cleaned without getting destroyed.

Choose the perfect spot for installation.

When you have the best piece of art, you undoubtedly want to showcase it perfectly and allow it to take center stage. But ensure you choose the right spot if you desire to protect it and use it for as long as possible. You can pick an area away from direct sunlight, as direct sun exposure can heat the piece, causing the color to thaw and ruin its look. Ensure the art is at a perfect height and where children can reach or spill anything. Also, choose a low-traffic spot, away from high openness to dust particles.

Wrap the art piece nicely when shipping.

If you're moving to another city, state, or country, wrap your oil painting nicely. Fortunately, you can look for the best wrapping material on the market and wrap your piece with it before shipping it to another place. Also, keep in mind to store art separately and away from elements that can ruin the art piece, such as liquid.

These are some ways to care for oil paintings!

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