Embracing The Spirit Of India With Ellen King’s Oil-Painted Photographs

Posted by Admin on August 07, 2023

In a single word, India is a complex tapestry of cultures, traditions, and stories. A land awash with the effervescence of humanity, radiating energy, and the grandeur of vibrant color. Artist Ellen King, during her visit, found herself captivated by this incredible nation and discovered a different kind of beauty — the dignity and grace delicately etched on the faces of its people. These faces moved her, offering a glimpse into a world of pride and ageless wisdom that left her humbled and inspired.

Her compelling encounter with the soul of India led her to create the "Faces of India" series. This collection of oil-painted photographs provides a unique, tangible means to bring a piece of India's vibrant, beautiful complexity into your space. Here are some key art pieces you can find in this series:

See Me I'm #1

Dimensions: 21 ¼ x 17 ¼"

This stunning work showcases two traditional Indian women clothed in their traditional attire. Although living a simple, rustic life, these women are content with it.The piece captures a deep sense of personal pride and individuality. Ellen's masterful strokes imbue the portrait with life, vivid yet tasteful colors, and the subjects' expressions inviting you into a unique and universal narrative. This is one of the best oil-painted photographs to add to your space.

Street Wise

Dimensions: 21 ¼ x 17 ¼"

"Street Wise" is a visual story of everyday India, brought to life through Ellen's exceptional artistry. This painting vibrantly captures a scene familiar across Indian cities - a vegetable seller plying his trade as customers bustle around, selecting the freshest produce from his vibrant spread.

This artwork isn't merely a painting; it is an oil-painted metallic photograph, a technique that lends an alluring depth and vibrancy to the image. The interplay of colors, expertly applied, capsulizes the hustle and bustle of the scene. It allows you to feel the natural energy of the marketplace and almost hear the vendor's calls and customers' haggles, transporting you right into the heart of this street scene.

"Street Wise" doesn't just present an Indian street; it invites you into the spectacle of everyday life in India, adding a dash of its dynamic spirit to your space.

The Boys

Dimensions: 17 ¼ x 21 ¼"

"The Boys" is a delightful oil-painted metallic photograph that encapsulates a youthful camaraderie frozen in time. The piece artfully displays a group of boys, their attire of jeans and shirts a universal symbol of their age and shared experiences. Their smiles, filled with youthful optimism and carefree spirit, are expertly captured and rendered in Ellen's signature style.

This painting is more than just a representation of a moment; it celebrates boyhood, friendship, and the vibrant energy that defines youth. The smiles, attire, and unspoken bond between the boys are all captured with astute attention to detail, creating an artwork that resonates with warmth and vitality.

"The Boys" is a beautiful reminder of simpler times and the joy of shared experiences.

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