The Brilliant Artistic Expression of Ellen King

Posted by Admin on December 28, 2022

When it comes to making the most beautiful art, there are no artists that can compare to the caliber of nature. With each painted sky, the hues of the rainbow, the vibrant colors of flowers, and the changing season, nature never ceases to amaze. And one of the biggest pursuits of an artist’s life is to be able to capture some of this natural beauty and replicate it, using their own techniques and touches. One artist that seems to have to brilliant understanding of how to portray the life that nature contains is Ellen King.

Ellen King uses her love for nature and her unique way of looking at the contrasts presented in nature to create works of art that are impossible to miss. Her love for all of life is reflected throughout her artworks, especially her paintings that depict nature.

Her Work

In her series titled ‘Inherent Spectacles 2.0’, Ellen makes it a point to showcase the contrast that she sees in the living world. She uses soft, bright, pastel colors for florals that she then encompasses in sharp, angular metallic blocks. Even though the contrast may seem like it is between the living plants and unyielding metal, on a closer look, it becomes evident that both these objects in the painting merge with each other throughout to even give the metal border the effect of being alive as well.

King uses this harmony of the two elements to showcase how, through the collaboration of the elements, nature’s two extremes come together to create unparalleled beauty for the whole world to see. For instance, King’s ‘Red Hot Poker’ in chalk pastel uses soft and bright tones to highlight the flowers, which are further highlighted by the metallic rectangle that surrounds it.

The silver metallic paint has a shine to it that gives it an almost mirrored feeling that gives the artwork the effect of being reflected in the water. Her ‘Coral Bells’ in chalk pastel takes a slightly more subtle approach where the multicolored flowers are given specs of metallic paint to add texture to the artwork.

Her Inspiration

Ellen King has traveled all over the world, and she interacts with the world with a fascination that can be clearly seen through her artwork. Life, nature, and people are important to King, and the intimate photography that she has done throughout her travels to Israel, Africa, and India reflects just that.

Bright tones and colors show the abundance of life in these parts and the strong sense of culture that comes from it. Through her intensely focused portraits, she is able to capture details that would be easy to miss out on. King’s artwork reflects what she has gleaned from her travels to Israel, Africa, and India. Through bright, vivid colors, she expresses the world that is teeming with life through her artworks containing nature or her portraits of people she has met on her travels.

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