Why and How You Should Frame Your Artwork

Posted by Admin on August 5, 2022

When you buy a work of art, it is normal for you to want it to last for a lifetime and look just as good a few decades down the line as it did on the day you brought it home. How do you do that? By getting the piece framed! Frames play an essential role in not just protecting your art but also in its presentation. Read on to learn more about why and how you should frame your art to take it to the next level.

Benefits of Framing Your Artwork

One of the best ways to flaunt your unique taste and appreciation for the finer things in life is by hanging your art – whether paintings or photographs – in your living space or office. And the right frame can make a world of difference in how it looks on the wall. But that’s not all that a frame does. Here are some of the reasons why you should frame your artwork:

  • Protect Your Artwork

    The most important benefit of framing your artwork is the protection it provides against various types of damage. Paintings are particularly vulnerable to moisture and water damage. Framing them can keep them safe from not just moisture and water but also fluctuating temperatures, harmful UV rays, as well as humidity. However, it is said that glass should not be used for framing oil paintings as it might trap moisture, which can cause the canvas to rot.

  • Enhance Its Beauty

    A frame that complements the artwork can also enhance its beauty by adding another dimension to the work. When you pick a frame in the right colors and materials, it can help certain elements in the painting stand out.

  • Add a Personal Touch

    If you want to add your personal touch to the artwork that you purchased, framing is a great choice. You can choose from frames in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, which offers a perfect opportunity to let your distinct taste shine.

How to Pick the Right Frame for Your Artwork?

Now that you know why framing your artwork is important, let us look at how you should pick a frame. Here are a few things you need to do:

  • Consider the style

    Since frames are available in thousands of styles, you need to put some effort into picking one that best matches the style of your artwork. For instance, oil paintings are complemented by ornate frames that add to their classical appeal.

  • Pick the right color

    Look at the dominant colors of the painting and choose your frame in a color that does clash with them. For instance, if you are framing a red-haired muse artwork, pick a color that complements the red.

  • Think about where you will display the artwork

    Take the decor of your space into consideration while choosing the frame. This will help make sure that the artwork fits into the room seamlessly.

From classic portraits of red-haired muses in oil art to modern abstract paintings, today, there is a plethora of artworks that you can buy for yourself or a loved one.

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