Holding my breath in the first light of dawn as the landscape began to shake gently, a magnificent elephant lumbered gracefully into view. I was in awe seeing such a huge animal peacefully moving through its natural world. What a thrill!

My visit to Zimbabwe was like going back to the beginning of time. It sounds corny but I could see horizons and sky in every direction. The lush land and brush were rich with color. Life vibrated within it all.

The visual and emotional impact on me was life changing. The subtlety of color, textures and light were somehow different here. Breathing was different. It felt pure.

The animals in nature were more impactful for me as an artist than I can say.

Oil or pastel seemed perfect mediums to convey both softness, depth and the vibrancy of color and light.

I will go back to Africa as it touched me deeply.

Boabab Tree - Chalk Pastel 30 x 40 (SOLD)
  • Boabab Tree
    Chalk Pastel
    30 x 40" (SOLD)
  • Elephant
    Chalk Pastel and Mixed Media
    40 x 30" (SOLD)
  • Female Pride
    Chalk Pastel
    40 x 30" (SOLD)
  • Ferdinand
    Oil Stick
    30 x 22" (SOLD)
  • First Light
    Chalk Pastel
    30 x 40" (SOLD)