Coral Trees

As a little girl, the coral trees were my neighbors. I played among their rows along San Vicente Blvd. As an artist, it is their grace and sensuality that has inspired me.

The corals have a magical duality — one moment a tree the next, a human form extending arms of branches reaching for the sky while their roots grab the earth, feet digging in, grounding and secure. During summer they are dormant, waiting. In winter they spring to life with a shock of brilliant orange blossoms.  

To capture their mysterious nature, their vivid color, texture, and unique personality has been a joy, a time remembered.

Don't Walk - 30 x 36 (SOLD)
  • Don't Walk
    30 x 36" (SOLD)
  • Fully Expressed
    5 x 6' (SOLD)
  • Heels Over Head
    18 x 24" (SOLD)
  • Macho Man
    12 x 26" (SOLD)
  • Our Dance
    18 x 24" (SOLD)
  • Reach
    30 x 44" (SOLD)
  • Puzzle Blossoms 1
    4 canvas' 12 x 16" each (SOLD)
  • Puzzle Blossoms 2
    4 canvas' 12 x 16" each (SOLD)