Human beings are one of life's most complicated subjects. The constant fluctuation of expression; the individuality of every face; and the sometimes unrevealed personality is an exciting challenge.

Whether realism or expressionism, my goal is always to capture and expose what might not be obvious at first glance. An artistic representation.

First, I observe the whole figure, notice its unique posture and physicality. When looking at a portrait, I want the viewer to be able to intuit the whole body. In my search for the individual's palette of color and their specific shape, features become sharper and clear.  A window into the artist as well as the sitter emerges. The portrait unfolds.

Of course a portrait is infinitely personal — and when successful, it's marvelously satisfying.

Aimee - 20x27.5
  • Aimee
    pastel on colorfix pastel paper
  • Kingfisher
    20 x 16"
    Oil On Canvas
  • Full Circle
  • Jeffrey
    21x28" (SOLD)
  • Danny
    pastel on colorfix pastel paper
  • Roy
    18x24" (SOLD)
  • Female Collage
    53x4' (SOLD)