It seems disjointed when you think about it — landscape, abstraction, figurative, and realism. But in my art, I fuse together these arguably disparate genres in a way that captivates viewers and draws them in. When I look at the human figure, I see a landscape of infinite beauty; when I paint abstractly, only the very essence is implied.

No matter the discipline, the medium is the subtext of the story I'm telling. I use mixed media to bring color, texture, and luminosity to my work, engaging our senses. I love to recycle art, piling layer upon layer before I begin to paint — or anything I can imagine to vary the surface.

No matter the process, ideas can come from thin air. The unique curve of an object, the simple turn of a phrase, or a flash of color can strike a chord and make an idea surface, pop or reveal itself.

And so the process begins, actualizes, and is born.

– Ellen King